My Diamond Print Case 2017
October 30, 2017
Today we start a new journey
October 27, 2017

About the Artist

I am madly in love with the work of Rembrandt and Vermeer, I have the heart of an old Dutch Master. I love the rich colors and the dramatic yet real-life lighting that pulls the viewer in and holds them tightly. I hope to go beyond making pretty pictures and instead create images that challenge the viewer to look past the pretty and see what lies beneath. 

I'll never forget the first time I saw the issue of National Geographic magazine that had the young Afghan girl on the cover by Steve McCurry, I was so taken by the power of that portrait that photojournalism became an instant passion. I wanted to be doing THAT job and so started my long love afair with photography. I have been both a photojournalist and a portrait photographer and sometimes an artistic hybrid of both. Photography is one of those careers where learning and evolving never seem to stop and technology is always offering some new avenue of artistic expression. I try to embrace everything photography has to offer from the old school wet darkroom to the latest digital techniques, I am not a purest at all, I'll use any technique available to create the visual stories that move me.